Official Rules


  1. Participation in this competition is open to individuals who are full time students studying engineering (B.E, M.E, B.Tech, M.Tech) and PG Course (MSc ) (any discipline).
  2. Entrants can submit their projects either as an individual entry or as a part of a group comprising of a maximum of 2 people. The project should be approved by the concerned college. All the team members must be from the same college.
  3. The team also has to compulsorily co-opt two children from Government Schools and Govt. Aided schools ONLY (from classes 7th to 9th) and will educate them about the project.
  4. The Entrants are requested to download the permission letters of the Education department of the respective Government - KARNATAKA, A.P, TELANGANA, DELHI, HARIYANA, U.P and Maharashtra.
  5. The presentation of the project should be solely done by the school students. The choice of the children is left to the team. In case the team needs any help in choosing the children the participants are welcome to contact the Organisers. (pls see organisers details in contact page)
  6. In choosing the best projects, the understanding of the project and its basic principles along with the ability to explain it to the younger participants shall be given importance.
  7. Visit page Anveshana-2019 for theme details
  8. Each Entry must contain the following elements: (ONLINE REGISTRATION)
    1. About me/the Team: Initial introduction to the Entrant/Team and explanation of what winning would mean to them.
    2. Project Title/question: The scientific question about their hypothesis.
    3. IDEA/Innovation in the project
    4. Hypothesis: Leading on from the question.
    5. Research and Works cited: The research conducted to help them shape their question and hypothesis and to put their work into a relevant, real-world context.
    6. Experiment: Demonstration, using good experimental techniques, including a detailed description of the experiment.
    7. Data: Collected during the experiment to support a conclusion, recorded accurately and precisely, and presented clearly.
    8. Observations: Description of the patterns or trends supported by the data.
    9. Conclusion: An explanation of how the experiment answers the question or why it fails to do so and whether or not it supports the hypothesis.
    10. Bibliography, References and Acknowledgements: References for sources of information that they have consulted and/or referenced and acknowledge any assistance received.
    11. Cost of the project/Model
    12. Business Plan
    13. Learnings Associated for young learners
  9. An individual may participate in ONLY one (1) Entry Submission, either as an Entrant, Team Leader or Team Member. If any individual participates in multiple Entry submissions, all Entries in which that individual is listed as a participant will be disqualified.
  10. Entries that are not submitted in accordance with the instructions provided on the Competition Site and not conforming with the rules can be disqualified at the sole discretion of the Organisers.
  11. Online Registration is mandatory. (online registration starts from 1st June 2018)
  12. Completed registration forms should be printed and posted to the Organisers (The address is given in the registration form itself)
  13. As part of the registration process for participation in the Competition, potential Entrants will be required to click where indicated to signify that they have read, accept, and agree to be bound by these Official Rules and the terms hereunder, including but not limited to the releases of liability, and including the Entrant’s acceptance of the decisions of the Competition Entities and the Judging Panel (which, notwithstanding any term of these Official Rules or the Competition Site, are final and binding in all respects, without prejudice of any claim that could be filed before the Court).
  14. Low cost and application oriented models are encouraged.
  15. Karnataka - The judging panel will identify top 35-40 models for the final setup in the month of February 2019 (4th Week), at Bangalore. (Dates and Venue will be updated on events page)
  16. Hyderabad - The judging panel will identify top 30-35 models for the final setup, at Hyderabad (January 2019). (Dates and Venue will be updated on events page)
  17. NCR- Delhi - The judging panel will identify top 25-30 models for the final setup in the month of January/February 2019, at Delhi. Dates and Venue will be updated on events page)
  18. Maharashtra - The judging panel will identify top 30-35 models for the final setup in the month of February 2019, at Mumbai. Dates and Venue will be updated on events page)
  19. Karnataka - Finalists will be announced on 3rd week of October, 2018 in the website.
  20. Hyderabad - Finalists will be announced on 3rd week of October, 2018 in the website.
  21. NCR- Delhi - Finalists will be announced on 3rd week of October, 2018 in the website.
  22. Maharashtra - Finalists will be announced on 3rd week of October, 2018 in the website.
  23. The prize money given to the team to be shared equally among the 4 participants.


  1. The selected finalists should COMPULSORILY submit an abstract of the project.
  2. The standard format for the abstract is provided by the organisers in the official website.
  3. The selected Finalists will have to present their models to an initial review by an expert panel comprising of eminent scientists & resource persons.
  4. Suggestions from the panel regarding the models need to be incorporated. Dates regarding the visit shall be intimated beforehand.
  5. ONLY two members from the selected team along with the two school students can participate in the fair (final competition).
  6. The travel reimbursement will be provided for the outstation students (Finalists) ONLY, which will be limited to second class train fare. Kindly contact the organisers for the same on the day of registration.


  • Due date and finalist announcement date are subject to change.
  • Facilities for finalists will be announced during the last week of January 2019 for all 4 locations Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai.